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DORAN DOCUMENTS – Announcing My New Series

One of my favorite things to watch on YouTube are photographers I respect in the middle of shooting. Not just talking about how they photograph while sitting in a room and showing their photos, but watching them in the field. The problem is, there's not that much content shot in this way (or maybe, I had just been through them all).

I realized that I had no room to complain and needed to be the change that I wished to see. On a 3-month project in Italy, I was able to do just that. I had my partner, Nikki, film as much footage as was manageable so that when I arrived back home and finished editing the photos, I would be able to show you what went in to creating each piece as well as the small clips of my daily life that might allow me to connect more deeply with people like you.

My goal for DORAN DOCUMENTS–ITALY is to create a minimum of 6 short, fun episodes around 10 minutes or less. Each episode will be uploaded every Monday. I will also be posting little clips as I release more of the images on my Instagram page.

Right now I am currently planning and producing the second season with more details to be announced after the last episode of this season ends.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate the support of this community and am looking forward to seeing what you guys think! Without further adieu, here is a short teaser for this season!


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