Gavin Doran was born in Birmingham, Alabama on March 23, 1992 alongside his identical twin brother, Chase.

He was raised on the beaches of Destin, FL and spent his Summers in Georgia at his grandmothers lake house. It was here, along the red clay roads in the heart of the American South, that Gavin found the curiosity that would allow him to discover his purpose as a photographer as well as the toughness it would take to pursue that purpose.


Whether working from his studio in Brooklyn, NY or traveling abroad for a campaign/assignment, Gavin is constantly focused on the human condition and building relationships in order to better himself and his work. He has a way of gently evoking a persons character in order to create powerful images through empathy and compassion.

Down to every little detail, Gavin notices what is unseen to others and captures it in a way in which all can appreciate.

Gavin views photography as a philosophy that greatly helps people understand themselves and the world around them. He believes that seeing beauty in even the most mundane circumstances, as well as the gratitude it brings, is one of the most beautiful gifts a person can be given and is constantly helping his peers find their voice within their work.

Although he has been photographing for 10 years–landing in coveted publications like Forbes, GQ and Rolling Stone–Gavin is more ambitious than ever and is excited to continue working with clients, pushing the boundaries of the medium he holds dear.